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Efficient Maintenance Has Never Been Easier: Service Data Tool and JUMBO Care


There is a trend towards more scheduled service of patient lifts. Efficient maintenance of patient lifts makes sense for both caregiver and patient as it ensures safe patient handling and improved working conditions for caregivers. Reduced service costs is yet another advantage by optimising service calls.

Knowledge about wear and tear
It is essential to have knowledge about the wear and tear of the actuators to know when it is time for a recommended service visit by a Service Technician.

With the LINAK JUMBO Care, the actuator lifetime information is collected in the control box: The intelligent cycle counter counts only when the lift is loaded. The work counter sums up the work done by the actuator and indicate how worn the actuator is. The actuator lifetime information and other service data can be read out on a laptop via Service Data Tool.

Information about when it is time to charge the battery as well as battery behaviour also optimises the use of the patient lifts and it is valuable information provided to the end-user and the Service Technician.

Optimised service routines

The Service Data Tool helps ensure that service checks are made and it is possible to change service intervals e.g. shorter time between service visits if the lift is worn.
Service calls are optimised e.g. by giving the end-user information about overload situations explaining why the patient lift has stopped.

2nd generation of Service Data Tool
Now LINAK is presenting the second generation of the Service Data Tool. The software comes with an entirely new design using coloured graphic bars, green, yellow and orange, indicating when it is time for maintenance of the patient lift. The new icons make this software even easier to use. „All in all we have placed great emphasis on an easy to understand and user-friendly design of our user interfaces“, explains the responsible Product Manager Heidi Jorgensen.

Icons for help and information
The integrated help system makes service visits even more efficient. By pushing the help icon the system will show texts explaining the various functions and settings of the software. Also information about battery handling is obtained in these windows.

By activating an information icon, it is also possible to customise the Service Data Tool by opening of a PDF file with a user manual or a checklist for the Service Technician to follow during the service visits.

Service report function

A Service Report function has also been integrated in the new Service Data Tool, which helps ensure documentation of service visits. It means that important service data is read out and saved before resetting the cycles or days to the next service visit. Besides the actuator lifetime data, it is also possible to save a few notes from the visit directly in the control box and thus having it at hand for the next visit. The Service Data Tool can be customised with photos of own Patient Lifts with the corresponding product names.

Safe patient handling
Obviously, there are many advantages by choosing LINAK JUMBO Care with Service Data Tool, but most important is the fact that it will be a great help keeping the patient lift functional at all times thus ensuring safe patient handling.