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Efficient Healthcare Provision for the Victims of the Tsunami Disaster

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The Berlin-based company ETLog EnviroTech & Logistics GmbH is currently active in the region of Indonesia affected by the recent Tsunami. The project is financed by the KfW banking group.
The aim of the enterprise is the improvement of the hospital services in the province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) as well as to take measures to allow their more intensive use. The focus has thus fallen on the largest provincial hospital - Dr. Zainoel Abidin -. This performs an important function of basic healthcare provision, as it represents the first place of refuge for the poorer members of society. The hospital was itself damaged by the Tsunami to such an extent that its capacity was reduced by half.
The hospital is currently undergoing reconstruction. In a first stage, and in co-operation with other NGOs, the aim is to reduce the risk of infection from diseases such as HIV or Hepatitis and to improve the current state of public health. ETLog EnviroTech & Logistics GmbH will scrutinize the practices of waste disposal in the hospital. In this way, it will be possible to work indirectly against the above-average levels of child and maternal mortality. The study will include up to date information regarding the type and quantity of waste produced and the methods of its interim storage and disposal.
„Precisely due to the still devastating effects of the Tsunami, the improvement of the health situation in this region is a particular area of concern for us. It gives the people a continuing hope of normality,“ said Dr. Ute Pieper of ETLog EnviroTech & Logistics GmbH, who leads the project on the ground.
The improvement of the health-care system has been a focal point of the joint German – In-donesian development project, running since the beginning of the 1990s, even before the Tsunami catastrophe. At the forefront of the project is the plan for the improvement of the provision of basic health-care, the rehabilitation of the hospital as well as the system of reference standing upon that, and the prevention of HIV. Through an intensive dialogue with the Indonesian partners, it was possible to give an impetus in the areas mentioned above which require reform.