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Easy PC-Spirometry to Meet your Needs

Baar, November 2009 The know-how of extensive lung function tests in a low-priced small format

Because there are no unimportant measurements in lung function diagnostics.

• Handy PC spirometer for spirometry and flow/volume measurement, in- and expiratory vital capacity, partial volumes,
second-volume FEV1, maximum voluntary ventilation MVV, peak-flow and more than 40 sub-parameters
• Determination of resting spirometry and flow/volume curve in a single measurement manoeuvre
• Integrated database for measurement and patient data, compatible with the Schiller AT-104 PC ECG system
• Online display of the measurements on a PC or notebook screen
• Hygienic and easy to care for: easy cleaning, no timeconsuming dismantling into its components
• Intelligent animation graphics for children and adults during simultaneous monitoring of important measuring parameters.

Protect your Spirometry investment by using Schiller sensors!
Use only Schiller approved accessories and supplies to guarantee test accuracy, and product performance. Our unique sensors meet all requirements for ATS and ERS standards. Having the choice of disposable or single- patient-use sensors, eliminates sterilization
concerns, saves time and guarantees accurate measurements.

The Schiller sensors are one of the smallest sensors world-wide and easily fit childrens hands.

SP-250 (with disposable flow sensor)
• No cleaning – no risk of cross contamination due to unique sensor
• Best way for patient-after-patient testing

SP-260 (with reusable flow sensor)
• Very easy to clean