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Easy Diagnostic: DOA Reading System by GlysBy

The Drug of Abuse system for easy and cost effective screening and monitoring of workers or population for the use of illicit drugs and alcohol.

The main features of EASY DIAGNOSTIC system are:
1) A 100% italian, original software with a section dedicated to the Distributor for data management, stock control and customer supervision and with an easy and clear end-user software, allowing Doctors to read and manage their database; the software allows multiple Doctors use of the reader by personal password entry.
2) The extremely low cost of the system so the Distributor can sell or give it for free without big investments.
3) The use of a commercially available high resolution scanner.
4) The use of dedicated drug of abuse rapid tests in both cassette and integrated cup format for any market need.


We offer:
Dual language English italian software with possible customization or other languages addition.
Dedicated CE approved rapid tests in specific combination for screening.
Possibility to select among our other DOA parameters any other combination and get the free adaptation on same software.
Free of charge plastic template for correct positioning of tests, customizable.
On line management and assistance to Distributors.