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GlysBy S.N.C.

Easy Breathe, innovative nasal filter for healthcare

The innovative , individual device to self-protect against dust, pollution and allergens
Filtering capability up to 1 micrometer
This innovative filter is one size fitting everyone and is engineered to adapt to any nostrils, in a safe, comfortable and almost invisible way.
The nasal filter is able to block most airborne allergens such as pollen, dust mites, animal hair and dandruff, spores of fungi (molds and fungi) as well as the smog of the city due to fine particles responsible for the boom forms of inflammatory and allergic reactions caused by diesel vehicles, heating and civilian factories.
It is therefore recommended for all ages for the prevention and mitigation of symptoms while in areas "at risk" which, as the case may be, as an example:
a trip to the country in spring or autumn,
an unexpected proximity to domestic animals,
stay in city traffic,
stay in areas with microparticles suspensions.

The practical package allows the user to always bring the filter in the pocket and wear it when necessary without any limitation of his functions.

Main advantages of Easy Breathe compared to other products actually on the market :
· Hygienic and comfortable, there is no stuff during breathing in either hot or cold environment
· It leaves completely free face and being virtually invisible it is a valid and easy individual self- protecting device, ideal for eyeglass wearers, for people who suffer from a sense of claustrophobia having nose and mouth covered, for people who need to speak, eat etc. as well as for all those users willing to protect themselves without compromising the aesthetic aspect.
· It can be used for up to 24 hours , so it can be used temporarily when needed and then stored in its mini-case to be easily carried in the pocket, in the bag, etc.
· Non toxic, non allergic.
· Manufactured according to ISO quality procedures, FDA and CE regulations.