Aesku.Diagnostics GmbH

Early diagnosis and reliable follow-up control of Lyme disease

AESKU.DIAGNOSTICS’ newly launched Borrelia assays increase sensitivity and specificity in borreliosis diagnostics.

The different coatings of the AESKULISA® Borrelia-G and AESKULISA® Borrelia-M tests allow the specific detection of early and late Borrelia antibodies. Both tests involve highly purified antigens from the Borrelia strains relevant for Lyme disease.

The IgM-ELISA test is coated with purified OspC and Borrelia-specific truncated p41 (i.e. p41i). Therefore, it allows the specific detection of early Lyme disease antibodies.
As the antigen spectrum is broader, when the disease is more progressed, the IgG-ELISA is coated with an antigen mixture of highly purified native antigens. The mixture is also enriched with VlsE, which is highly specific for IgG antibodies.

The special selection of antigens allows for maximum sensitivity; this applies in particular to the IgG test.

Therefore, AESKULISA® Borrelia is a particularly reliable assay ideal for diagnosis and follow-up control of Lyme disease.