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Mobiu Co., Ltd.

EZpole lets you take your IV drip along on a post surgical hike

Wearable IV Pole "EZpole"



Mobiu, a Korean company, aiming to improve the recovery experience has developed a new IV pole that’s worn like a backpack and, while looking pretty silly, allows the patient to at least get out for a walk.

The IV pouch hangs above the patient on a plastic pole that’s strapped onto the shoulder. The whole unit (without the drugs) weighs less than 400 grams, and as long as the patient remains upright, the medicine will flow. The device is not yet available, but the company is planning to soon release it in four different sizes, according to the AVING news service.

Features from the product page:

Easy to wear/take off alone.Comfotable to wear for an extended period by distributing weight.Accommodates IV in 500ml, 1000ml PVC types and 500ml Bottle Type.IV containers safely mounted at three points to prevent shaking/rocking.Can be worn either left/right shoulder.Excellent wearable feeling by applying the most advanced triple soft pad,Easy to assemble/disassemble/maintain.Built with Strong and Lightweight plastic material (PP : Polypropylene).