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EU Trade Mark Services

EU Trade Mark Services
Already published in our former newsletter, we would like to remind you that Obelis offers from now on the possibility to register your trade mark and design in the EU. As non-European manufacturer, you need to appoint European representative to register your trade mark and community design:
“CTMR 88 (1), (2) The Community Trade Mark Regulation obliges natural and legal persons not having their domicile or their principal place of business or a real and effective industrial or commercial establishment in the Community to be represented, in all proceedings before the Office other than the filing of a CTM application, by a professional representative, namely either a legal practitioner or a person whose name is entered on the list of professional representatives maintained by the Office”.
Through its extended network of collaborators, OEARC can now provide you with cost effective and simplified trade mark and design registration for the entire EU.
Please contact me at for more information on trade mark and design protection principles in general, or if you wish to receive more specific information on procedure and cost for registration in the EU.