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ETC’s Biomedical Systems Group announces the issuance of patent on hyperbaric chamber gurney garage

SOUTHAMPTON, PA, USA, September 24, 2015 – Environmental Tectonics Corporation (OTC Pink: ETCC) (“ETC” or the “Company”) (www.etcusa.com) announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a noteworthy patent, U.S. Patent No. 9,138,366, which covers certain hyperbaric chambers with undercarriage-gurney-storage compartments (http://www.etchyperbaricchambers.com/hyperbaric-chamber-advantages/hyperbaric-chamber-gurney-garage), such as available on ETC’s BARA-MED® Select™ chamber (http://www.etchyperbaricchambers.com/baramed-select-hyperbaric-chamber)

The storage compartment conveniently stows a patient’s gurney under the chamber, freeing up floor space around the chamber and the hyperbaric treatment area, while keeping the gurney close at hand for removal of the patient at the conclusion of the hyperbaric treatment.

“We are very pleased to have received this patent for the added benefit of the gurney storage area provided with our BARA-MED® Select™ chamber”, said David Mitchell, Vice-President andGroup Manager- Commercial/Industrial Group.“Our customers recognize the many advantages of our BARA-MED monoplace hyperbaric chambers.”

ETC’s monoplace hyperbaric chambers, provided by ETC’s BioMedical Systems Group (www.etchyperbaricchambers.com), also include BARA·PRESS™ and SMOOTH-RIDE™. BARA·PRESS is the software that controls, as well as records the treatment, allowing the operator to monitor the patient more easily, consistently, and accurately. SMOOTH-RIDE™ is a pressure change technology that enhances patient comfort by reducing the incidence of barotrauma by approximately sixty-seven percent, ensuring more patients complete all their treatment sessions.