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ESTECOM medical display monitors


BFW is excited to announce new added products at Medical 2014 show!

ESTECOM Medical OEM Display Technology
Innovators in cost effective Medical Display Devices for the OEM Healthcare Marketplace.

ESTECOM is a manufacturer/designer of cost effective medical display technology for over 10 years for the healthcare industry.

Servicing: Surgical, Clinical, Point of Care, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical, and many other device interfaces.


Full line of medical-grade display monitors sizes: 19” to 55” with Touch Options
Introducing: 4K UHD resolution sizes 31.5” and 55” (highlight)

• Cutting Edge Multi-Touch Technology with Static Object Detection and Rejection
• Microphone Tele-Conference Options
• High Brightness, Consistent Image Quality.
• Protective Film Design to Meet Stringent Medical Standards
• IPX, UL, CE Rated
• Edgeless Bezel, Lightweight, Attractive Designs that are Versatile
• Open Frame Touch Display Options for Easy Drop-In to Existing Devices