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Eurospital S.p.A.

ERA Eurospital Random Access

The Future is Today
A fascinating journey across the new frontiers  in autoimmune diseases and gastroenterology

At MEDICA 2015 Eurospital will launch ERA, an innovative chemiluminescence random access system based on paramagnetic particles. ERA is characterised by a very high throughput and provides with reliable results in the diagnosis of Autoimmune and Gastrointestinal diseases. Thanks to the wide and continuous uploading of samples, the ability to simultaneously process up to 16 methods and the flexibility of the whole system, ERA represents the ideal solution for medium-large size laboratories. The presence of high technology innovations, such as the presence on board of sonicator, automated reagent preparation and storage at 2-8°C make ERA the unique and state of the art full automated system in Autoimmune Diseases.

ERA features

  • Random Access, Batch, STAT

  • Walk-away

  • Up to 120 tests per hour

  • First result after 35 min, following results every 30 seconds

  • High throughput assured by high speed movements

  • 16 different parameters refrigerated on-board

  • 72/90 samples on-board

  • In-memory calibration curve

  • On-board barcode

  • On-board sonicator: no beads aggregation

  • Disposable tips and dilution cuvettes

  • Compact design

  • User-friendly software

  • Touch-screen display

  • Bidirectional LIS interface communication

  • Software guided maintenance

  • Full remote Technical Service access

  • Made in Italy