ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK introduces new talents in the industry -- MEDICA Trade Fair

ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK introduces new talents in the industry

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Dr Pierre-Michael Meier; © beta-web/Lormis

Industry decision makers meet and compare notes once again during this year’s MEDICA trade fair. The 2015 slogan is "Corporate Success through Optimal Use of IT". On Thursday, startup companies and young professionals that were chosen by the ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK, the finalists of a competition for an award with the same name also introduce themselves at the CCD East.

"The ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK supports young professionals and startup companies with their own session to sponsor the demanding innovative young talent," says Dr. Pierre-Michael Meier, deputy speaker of the IuiG Initiative Council (German: luiG-Initiativ-Rat) of the ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK. "This means that we enable access to this successful business development and networking platform – and subsequently to both the established managers in the industry and hospitals and the multipliers from organizations."

The young professionals include employees in hospitals and care homes who have been with their employer less than three years after completing their academic studies or trainee program for instance and work on an interesting project that they would now also like to present to the public. The startups that are being considered are companies that have existed for less than three years and have interesting business ideas for hospitals or care homes.

"As expected, we had more topic submissions from startups but we are also pleased with the number of submissions by young professionals," says Christoph Holst from the official sponsor msg systems. "You need to keep remembering that it is not part of 'day-to-day operations' to introduce hospital or care home projects to the public. Meanwhile, startup companies are naturally interested in presenting their business ideas."

Dr. Meier adds that "the interesting projects frequently must not be introduced to the public because they always in some form or another deal with trade secrets that are not meant to be accessible to competitors in the region ".

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Live View Stand at MEDICA 2015; © beta-web/Lormis

During the past Tuesday of the trade fair, the five IT key topics of the Entscheider Circle 2015 (German: Entscheider-Zykus) were already being presented. The project titles are:
• eMedication routinely documented – medication schedule stored in IHE compliant format and available everywhere – reference implementation with ID MEDICS
• IT helps: "Medical knowledge – never there when I need it?"
• Content integrity and provability of electronic health records – development and testing of a qualified systematic review
• Order out of chaos – cross-functional process optimization using the example of emergency rooms
• Electronic arranging with assembly sets: ensuring quality, relieving time pressure on physicians, reducing overdiagnosis and misdiagnosis and therapy

"The demand for sessions at the German Hospital Day during the MEDICA trade fair increases steadily since all participants address the target audience made up of the hospital management level," says Dr. Meier. "Since 2006, the ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK has also managed to highlight the importance of information and medical technology for the success of hospitals as enterprises. The Young Professional and Startup Session shows our special appreciation for this target group as our young talents."

This is why today, on this Thursday morning, a judging panel of 38 people is first going to attentively listen to the presenting finalists at the German Hospital Day and subsequently present the winners of the competition in the afternoon.

The final award presentation in the context of the "Startup and Young Professional Award" will take place during the "Ten Years of ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK" anniversary celebration on June 28, 2016, during the summer camp at Messe Düsseldorf.


Please note

The "Competition for the Startup and Young Professional Award by the ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK (German Hospital Day)" takes place on Thursday, November 19, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at CCD East, First Floor, Room R. The presentation of the winners takes place in the afternoon at 03:00 PM at the Live View Stand, Hall 15, Booth E36.

Photo: Nadine Lormis

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Nadine Lormis
Translated by Elena O'Meara