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EMTEL Participated in the World Heart Day

The leading producer of patient monitors and defibrillators in Poland participated in the event organized by the Management of Cracow’s Branch of Polish Cardiac Society and Cardiology Medical College of Jagiellonian University.

The World Heart Day was celebrated the 13th time in over 120 countries and it was aimed at a wide dissemination of basic knowledge about heart and vascular diseases and treatment options, and prevention. This year’s celebration slogans were: Remember about your Heart, Heart for Heart, Save your Heart.

It was the first time for EMTEL, the leading producer of patient monitors and defibrillators in Poland, to be involved in the World Heart Day celebration. Nurses together with EMTEL’s workers examined about 200 participants measuring their blood pressure, ECG and saturation. Each patient received a printout of the test results which may be useful during cardiological consultation. Additionally, new product – DefiMax Plus was presented that day.

- “We are very glad that so many people participated in the heart tests. Most ECG results of examined people were satisfactory. Unfortunately, results of two persons aroused certain concern and the patients were immediately assisted by medical staff and taken to the nearest hospital. This situation shows how important are regular preventive check-ups “– says Waldemar Sliwa, Managing Director of EMTEL company.

For the last 50 years circulatory system diseases have remained the main causes of death in our country. Fortunately, mortality from heart attacks has lowered significantly within last 10 years. This is due to high-skilled medical staff and easier access to advanced technologies as well as events such as the World Heart Day