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Obelis European Authorized Representative Center (O.E.A.R.C.)

EMC Directive 89/336/EEC repealed

As of the 20th of July, 2007 the electromagnetic compatibility

directive (EMC 89/336/EEC) concerning the laws of the member states

relating to electromagnetic compatibility has been repealed by the

new directive 2004/108/EC published in the OJEU on the 31st of

December, 2004.

The main objective of the EMC is to regulate the

compatibility of electromagnetic equipment. It seeks to ensure

that the intended use of the electromagnetic emissions of the

equipment falling under the scope of the EMC do not disturb that of

radio and telecommunication as well as other equipment.

The main modifications of the directive cover the

following areas:

-Clarification of the scope

- More precise essential requirements

- Simplified conformity assessment procedure

- Role of Notified Bodies

- Marking and information requirements

- Regime for fixed installations, with a particular technical view

on cable networks

- Market surveillance and special measures


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professional and expert regulatory center, Obelis keeps track of

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