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EKF-diagnostic sales GmbH

EKF introduces next generation of hemoglobin-cuvettes

Fuss-free and robust to apply, photometers for hemoglobin detection are established in blood donor services, birth medicine and many other areas of medical diagnostics. As one of the worldwide leading suppliers, the EKF diagnostic GmbH in Barleben/ Germany has now introduced a new generation of measurement cuvettes and launched the serial production already:

These small plastic chips uptake the blood sample automatically, to be inserted afterwards in the measurement device. Additionally to their quick sample uptake, the new cuvettes fit to the EKF Hemo_Control devices as well as to hemoglobin-photometers of other suppliers.

Compared to existing systems, the measurement duration is shortened again, fast-tracking routine checks significantly and expanding the flexibility of mobile testing: Featured by its high-capacity rechargeable battery, the Hemo_Control device delivers the hematocrit value as a meaningful parameter in addition.

Berthold Walter, CEO of the EKF diagnostic GmbH: „The new cuvette emphasizes our endeavour to demonstrate leadership in research and development, integrating our known product and service quality. Focussing to point-of-care diagnostics, the EKF-group expects increasing business growth”. Backing its analyzer range for haematology, the portfolio of EKF also contains modern lab- and pocket meters for lactate and glucose diagnostics.