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EKF-diagnostic sales GmbH

EKF introduces data management-system for blood donor centres

Medical providers are facing growing demands on quality control and patient
management. Computer based documentation of diagnostic data is a strict
requirement e.g. in blood donor centres. Therefore, the EKF-diagnostic GmbH
Magdeburg/Germany has introduced a novel system on 7th June 2007.

Based on its worldwide established Hemo_Control devices for the detection of
Hemoglobin, the “Manager” models are featured additionally by a Barcode
reader, internal Bluetooth interface and special management functions. The
devices are connected closely to the “Data Link” software, running on a PC.

This system performs much more than simple data transfer: Controlling the
availability of all relevant measuring and patient data, the registration of used
consumables and the compliance of frequent device controls, the
“Hemo_Control Manager” follows all current directives for quality management
systems. Similarly to a computer network, there are different authorization
levels: As well as the professional administrator can adapt all settings
individually, the regular user operates conveniently and error-free with the
basic system tools.

Berthold Walter, CEO of the EKF-diagnostic GmbH sees confirmed the
technology leadership of his company by the new Hemo_Control Manager