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Elmiko Medical Equipment Zbigniew Niedbalski

EEG DigiTrack devices by ELMIKO Medical Equipment

EEG DigiTrack series characteristics:

 Acquisition from up to 256 channels of EEG data (including polygraphic sensors)
 The possiblility of working on the stationary or portable system
 User-programmable photostimulator
 Various modes of analysing and viewing the recorded EEG (automatic, manual, panning, paging, etc.)
 Advanced filtering alghorithm
 The possibility of printing the recorded EEG on any printer with the time-base of 3cm/sec
 On-line measurement of electrodes impedance
 Advanced event management system
 User friendly archiving of the EEG examinations as well as the results on CD/DVD discs or pendrive
 Very convenient analysis of the recorded EEG - the unique digital ruler enabling the exact measurement of wave amplitude and frequency
 The automatic analysis of the EEG. The information about the dominant frequency out
of the four rhythms in the whole EEG or in the selected fragment displayed
on the screen
 The spectral analysis (FFT) of any fragment of the recorded EEG, brain mapping (optional) which are used for QEEG analysis
 User friendly Patient Database enabling patient data collection, entering the description
of tests, searching patients on the basis of determined criteria, creating statistics, test
results printing
 The possibility of the system extention by adding various modules and useful functions: additional EEG units, video-EEG monitoring, aEEG monitoring (CFM), EEG Biofeedback, 3D mapping, TPM mapping, Polysomnography, spike detection, Visual Evoked Potentials, EEG-Holter