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EEG DigiTrack Version 11 - New Possibilities

The most important features of the latest EEGDigiTrack 11:

- new user's interface which allows even better optimization of the technician's and the doctor's work
- entirely new event manager which allows adjusting markers as needed
- entirely new events database - including nearly 400 ready events divided into categories
- possibility of adding comments to events
- function of interactive note
- advanced editor of the electrodes assembly which automatically matches electrodes assembly with the type of connected head
- continuous measurement of the electrode impedance and color signals for each channel impedance
- preview value of electrodes resistance during viewing the examination [off-line mode]
- modified digital ruler allows you to make accurate measurements of waves' amplitude and frequency and to determine the dominant wavelength in a given period of time
- three algorithms of optimization for displaying the EEG curve, function of EEG curve visualization in graphic or/and numerical form
- a new module of quantitative analysis of QEEG signal (Quantity EEG) which allows to obtain results in clear tabular form and the possibility to use it in the Biofeedback training device for more effective planning of BFB trainings
- FFT spectral analysis and the possibility to present its results in form of graphs [as a histogram, envelope, average amplitudes, dominant frequencies] and single- or multi-channel mode
- fluent regulation of the FFT graphs scale
- the possibility of taking FFT measurements from any period of time or from the entire examination
- TPM mapping [optional] presenting the potential variability in time along the selected spatial arrangements in the form of color maps
- the possibility of analysing the trend of the EEG signal [CCFM - amplified EEG]
- unique algorithm for the automatic amplitude trend colouring depending on the type of pathology
- entirely new module with automatic creation of hypnograms in the polysomnography module
- automatic detection of graphic elements in sleep analysis, such as sleep spindles (sigma waves or sigma bands), K-complexes
- export of any selected part of the recorded EEG examination
- reversal polarization of EEG signal
- new advanced possibilities of 3-D Mapping [eg. spectral coherence maps, various reference algorhytms, exporting results to HTML format, maps generated from any part or entire examination]
- new absolutely automatic elements of EEG signal analysis: detection of spikes and artifacts, independent components analysis (ICA)
- new possibilities in the EEG Biofeedback system, for example: the stimulus board preview in the therapist's window, his own protocols definitions, adding graphs, funcion of training results comparison - “lerning curve”, possibility to choose from more than 100 variants of stimulus boards for Biofeedback therapy
- new advanced video-EEG module with a professional rotating camera controlled from the device level
- the possibility of adding to the EEGDigiTrack system many useful features and modules: additional posts, video metrics, biofeedback, CCFM [aEEG] trend analysis, automatic detection of spikes, automatic detection of artifacts, Visual Evoked Potential [VEP], 3-D mapping, TPM mapping, polysomnography, EEG holter