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Elmiko Medical Equipment Zbigniew Niedbalski

EEG DigiTrack Portable Single-station Unit - SimplEEG_32

The single-station EEG DigiTrack portable device for digital registration, assessment and analysis of the EEG tests.

Device features:

- EEG amplifier (32 or 42 channels)
- High quality laptop
- DVD recorder for EEG data archiving
- Computer-controlled photostimulator fully customized by the User - the possibility of entering various photostimulation sequences enabling setting up the flash frequency, duration and pauses between the flash series
- EEG DigiTrack software for recording, viewing and analysis of the EEG signal
- Various modes of viewing and the possibility of changing the scale of the EEG fragments
- The spectral analysis (FFT) of any fragment of the recorded EEG, brain mapping (optional) which are used for QEEG analysis
- Patient Database software enabling patient data registration, examination management and statistics
- Set of cables
- EEG cap, set of electrodes with cables
- User's Manual