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(EC) REACH - Third Party Representative

As a pre-registrant, you are required to place your official company details on the ECHA database. You are also required to attend a Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) which will be determined by your substance.
A Third Party Representative can fulfill both of these requirements. In placing a Third Party Representative on the pre-registration information, you are able to maintain confidentiality and will not be the contact point for the ECHA.
A Third Party Representative will also act as an agent or representative for you for all “joint submission of data” proceedings, or the SIEF.
Though a Third Party Representative can be your contact point and agent, you still retain the obligation to register.


1. You maintain control
2. You are able to retain confidentiality
3. Your Third Party Representative will attend the SIEF meetings in your behalf and will negotiate for your substance information, as well as evaluation and authorization, if required.
4. The Third Party Representative will be the contact point for the ECHA and on the SIEF

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