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(EC) REACH - Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF)

What is SIEF?

A SIEF (Substance Information Exchange Forum) is not a legal entity or a consortium, but a forum to share data and other information on a given substance. Participants in a SIEF are free to organize themselves in consortia or other forms of agreements as they see fit to carry out their obligations under REACH.
A SIEF will be formed for each pre-registered substance with the same identity. The participants in a SIEF are all pre-registrants (potential registrants, (early) registrants and the data holders).

What are the aims of SIEF?

• Facilitate data sharing for the purposes of registration
• Agree on the classification and labeling of substances concerned
• May be a starting point for organization for the joint submission of data

When and who?

After 1 January 2009 a SIEF is formed when pre-registrants have agreed in a pre-SIEF that they manufacture or import the same substance. SIEF members need to nominate a Lead Registrant. They will share and assess data and prepare common parts of the registration (joint submission). Compensation for sharing data is agreed among the respective SIEF members.

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