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(EC) REACH - Phase In Substances

Many manufacturers and importers are currently circulating substances which are required to comply with REACH. These substances are referred to as "Phase In" substances, or "existing substances." REACH provides a transition regime for these substances to comply with the regulation.

REACH - Process for Phase-In Substances

1. Identify the substances you work with which are required to be compliant under REACH

2. Pre-Registration (June 1, 2008- December 1, 2008 !!!)
Pre-Registration is offered for phase in substances to assist in the transition and implementation of this regulation. Phase In substances that are pre-registered are allowed extended registration deadlines and do not have to remove substances from the market before they are fully registered.

3. SIEF Participation
Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) will be formed for different companies who have the same substances and the same uses.

The aims of the SIEF are to:

o Facilitate data sharing for the purposes of registration
o Agree on the classification and labeling of substances concerned
o May be a starting point for organization for the joint submission of data

4. Registration

The actual registration dates for substances will vary from 2010-2018 depending on the quantity and risks of the substance. Registration will be submitted jointly for SIEF groups who have completed and compiled the required data.

It is vital to your company to appoint an Only Representative for this process (for both EU and non-EU manufacturers).

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