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EB Neuro

EBNeuro is one of the main recognized European player in design and manufacturing Neurophysiology devices, and distributes its products all over the world.
EBNeuro mission is to constantly develop - on behalf of our Customers - innovative ways to approach the traditional neurophysiology methods, which could allow the largest number of operators in this diagnostic field to achieve the highest quality and reliability of results.
By actively cooperating with relevant research organizations, EBNeuro wants to further develop its traditional leading role in the innovation of new technologies, providing new diagnostic methods (EEG-MRI, Telemetry…)

Its products line includes:

- EEG / VideoEEG systems (for routine, LTM, ICU, MRI applications)
- SLEEP diagnostic systems
- EP / ERP systems
- EMG / EP systems

International Sales and OEM Director
EB Neuro Spa
Via Pietro Fanfani 97/a
50127 Firenze . Italy
Tel 55/4565111
Fax 55/4565123