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EBQ -The Next Generation Dark Quencher (Excellent Bioneer Quencher)

Absorption spectrum EBQ with the emission spectra of reporter-dyes

Fluorescence spectroscopy is a valuable tool for detection of levels of biological molecules with fluorophores(dyes) such as FAM, JOE, HEX, TET, Cy3, NED, TAMRA, ROX, Texas Red, Cy5, and Cy5.5. Quenchers are generally used for quenching fluorescent signals from the fluorescent dyes listed above. These quenching effects have been widely using for detecting the level of the molecule which is of interest in cells or in samples. Previously, BHQ quenchers such as BHQ1/2 were commonly used because they have a high potency of quenching activity. However these molecules are only active by themselves in a narrow range of wavelength. – e.a. BHQ1 (ca 400-570 nm) and BHQ2 (ca 560-650 nm) Based on wide wavelength range of fluorophores(dyes) (400-700 nm), it is useful to use a quencher which covers broader wavelength range than BHQs. In this regard, Bioneer has developed a new molecule EBQ (Excellent Bioneer Quencher), which has better quenching effects in wider range of wavelength (450-700 nm) than BHQs with an affordable price. Now experience the benefits of EBQ – wide wavelength coverage, superior quality, and less cost – for your fluorescence spectroscopy experiment!