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EBI 330 Single-Use Temperature USB Data Loggers

With the two single-use data loggers EBI 330-T30 (-30 °C to +60 °C) and EBI 330-T85 (-85 °C to +50 °C) ebro extends its EBI 300 family with two more data loggers with USB plug and automatic PDF generation. An outstanding feature is the deep temperature measurement down to -85 °C with the EBI 330-T85. The single-use data loggers allow the temperature control and documentation in the food industry according to EN 12830 as well as the transport monitoring/company of medicine, blood plasma and other pharmaceutical products. These loggers are ideal for situations where return of multi-use loggers to the sender is either difficult or impractical because of efforts and costs.

The EBI 330 data loggers can be ordered preconfigured or can be configured easily by the user at www.ebi300.com. A push of a button starts the logger, at the place of departure and the logger will measure until the memory is full or until the data logger is connected to the USB port of a PC at the destination. The data loggers automatically generate a PDF report with all important measurement data, without any need for additional software- only a standard PDF reader is needed.

The 80 x 28 x 12 mm small single-use data loggers save up to 6000 measurement values and can be used up to 100 days. The loggers have extremely flexible configuration options, including sample rate, alarm limits, language, measuring units. A red flashing LED then shows the exceeding of the limit. Besides, the devices are waterproof (IP 65) and come with a robust housing, by what they can be applied under harsh conditions. A batch calibration certificate is available on demand.

Please find more information at www.ebi330.com.