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EASYCARE pressure regulator

The pressure regulator type EASYCARE® is suitable for
the direct mounting on the gas cylinders.
It has a particularly compact and light construction in
which a flowmeter with calibrated orifices is integrated.
This device is particularly suitable for oxygen therapy
and can be supplied with inlet connections according to
the standards of the Countries of destination and with an
outlet suitable to different applications (optional).
This double stage pressure regulator is manufactured with
a preset calibration of the pressures in any single stage
and with a manometer to check the cylinder content.
The body of the EASYCARE® is made of chrome-plated
brass and aluminum and fit a preset safety valve.
The small sizes and the particular technical design allows
the pressure regulator EASYCARE® to supply flows of
medical gases with a great accuracy, even in the most
difficult conditions such as in the emergency mobile units.