Integrated Technologies Ltd.

DySIS Medical places £1m manufacturing order with Integrated Technologies Ltd

ITL has secured an order worth £1m over the coming 18 months from DySIS Medical for the manufacture of their Video Colposcope.

This is the second major order in the last two months following the signing of a £1m product development, design and manufacturing contract in July.

The DySIS Video Colposcope has been shown to provide clinicians with a more accurate and cost-effective detection method in cervical cancer diagnosis.

ITL have worked with DySIS for many years, beginning with a collaborative design project involving ergonomics and human factors engineering in 2010. Since then ITL has been the sole manufacturing partner for DySIS and the companies have formed a close relationship.

In the midst of a drive to grow their sales in the US and Europe and a £7.4m funding injection earlier on in the year, DySIS have had to significantly increase their order volume.