112Motion BV

Dutch eHealth start-up 112Motion introduces wearable and a new open healthcare platform

112Motion has developed new wearables and an open platform to connect medical and consumer devices. Being an open platform, any vendor can connect and start monitoring the health of people. Health data is recorded in personal dossiers in the cloud and the patients have full control over the ownership, and thus decide when and with whom to share their data.

The platform features an IoT connector, decision support and case management using workflows and medical business rules & personal rules to trigger actions. It combines the newest technologies to share data and reports thus breaking the traditional barriers between corporate IT systems and the Internet as we know this today.

"This concept works for both the user and the health care parties" said Nanno van der Laan, founder and CEO of 112Motion. "The user gets more control over their own health data and care takers and doctors will be able to access dossier with all the historical data. It's a huge step forward in preventive care and really the kind of technology innovation that this sector needs. It’s actually one of the goals set by Minister Edith Schippers of the Dutch Ministry of Public Health. "

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