Dry water massage with Wellsystem

Back and joint pains, muscle tension, muscular imbalances, stress-related muscular tension, cervical migraines. These are frequently experienced and often chronic complaints, which can be relieved optimally with the unique therapeutic concept of 'Dry Water Massage', for both prevention and therapy.

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Dry Water Massage combines the power of water jet massage with beneficial and relaxing warmth. Water heated from 25 up to 40 degrees Celsius is sprayed with a pressure of 0.5 up to 4.0 bar against the back of a natural rubber bed in even movements.

The massage can be controlled manually or you can choose from one of the perfectly balanced massage programs. Every parameter, like type of massage, pressure, massage speed, body region and body size can be set via the intuitive control panel at any time. Further you will be able to write and save your own massage programs.

The possible indications are broadly diversified, as the treatment delivers deep muscular relaxation, increases the blood circulation and metabolic performance, and thus make an optimal contribution to pain alleviation.

In addition, Wellsystem Medical and Wellsystem Medical_Plus form the ideal preparation for subsequent therapeutic treatment, like Extensions, manual therapy or physiotherapy and are ideal to employ after conducted chiropractic manipulations or for its preparation.

In 1994 Wellsystem invented the Original Hydrojet Technology and has developed it further ever since. Besides in house production, the market leader Wellsystem also offers a nationwide service network.

Both systems are approved by the Medical Devices Directive (MDD) to class lla according to MPG and offer excellent therapeutic qualities and major financial benefits.

Wellsystem Medical and Wellsystem Medical_Plus are distinguished by their high level of operation and user comfort. The required space, at almost 2.3m², is very little and the patients can use the systems fully clothed. Both systems can easily and effectively be enhanced with the Wellsystem_Spa to create a health spa for the senses. Due to the easy maintenance and operation, all Wellsystem products require relatively little employment of staff.


Tension, headaches and migraines - the strain of everyday life leaves more than just physical marks: in the long run, stress depletes energy and motivation. Longer and longer phases of regeneration are needed in order to adequately compensate for the strain. The psyche is also under stress, preventing proper recuperation.

Wellsystem_Spa easily and effectively transforms the Dry Water Massage with Wellsystem Medical and Wellsystem Medical_Plus into a health spa for the senses, so your patients can relax in a short period of time and effectively prevent stress.

Wellsystem Physio_Point

"Switching off" the thoughts is fundamental for the full effect of Dry Water Massage: The reflection on here and now. Body and soul are in the same place. This means that the authenticity of the room is a prerequisite for an effective Dry Water Massage.

This will only be achieved by using light, colors, shapes and haptics, as well as pictorial elements. Design_Walls are interior design elements which adapt these elements and harmonically coordinate them to convert a room into a massage room - into a Physio_Point.

With Physio_Point, Dry Water Massage and surroundings become a unity, which increases the effectiveness of the treatment.