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Driving Innovations to Outcomes in Diagnosis and Therapy

Siemens Ultrasound introduces three new developments in workflow, myocardial assessment and minimally invasive procedures

At the Annual Congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), 3.-6. September 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden, Siemens Ultrasound showcased new opportunities and trends in Ultrasound Technology. The worldwide premiere of Velocity Vector Imaging (VVI), and release of the Acuson Sequoia echocardiography platforms, have been accompanied by the first presentation of the Acuson AcuNav 8F* ultrasound catheter at the ESC. These developments are evidence of the commitment of Siemens’ Ultrasound Division to driving innovations to outcomes in user ergonomics, minimal invasive procedures and new fields of echocardiography.

Velocity Vector Imaging, a promising new method for the assessment of myocardial mechanics, is a quantitative motion analysis tool which has been in development by cardiologists and physicists over the past three years. It provides more comprehensive cardiac contraction and motion information with the potential for new methods of cardiac evaluation in patients with congestive heart failure, dyssynchrony and other myocardial function impairments. Velocity Vector Imaging is intended for use with any transducer for all cardiovascular imaging including adult, pediatrics, transesophageal (TEE), intracardiac echocardiography, fetal and vascular applications.

The new design of the Acuson Sequoia platform features an 18 inch flat panel display monitor and integrated CD/DVD burning capabilities for the storage of DICOM images. The new industrial design meets today’s customer needs and requirements. The new flat panel display utilizes flicker-free technology with adjustable brightness controls, so there is less glare in all working environments for reduced eye strain and incident radiation. Additionally, the design elements reduce overall system height and weight, and as a result, provide significantly enhanced utility for portability exams throughout any institution or clinic.

The AcuNav 8F catheter is 33 percent smaller in the cross sectional area than the existing AcuNav 10F catheter and enables improved access in all patients, particularly smaller patients, and for left heart applications in electrophysiology and interventional cardiology. According to Klaus Hambüchen, head of the Ultrasound Division at Siemens Medical Solutions, “The trend in cardiac procedures is toward less invasive surgery, going from open surgery to keyhole access, and now to catheter-based procedures, which demands new visualization techniques. The ability of intracardiac echocardiography to see anatomy and devices under blood will enable many new applications such as mitral and aortic valve repair using catheters, and will accelerate the adoption of catheter-based procedures that reduce trauma and recovery time for patients.” The AcuNav 8F catheter will soon be available in the European Union countries for use with the Acuson Sequoia, the Acuson CV70 and the Acuson Cypress cardiovascular systems.

*The Acuson AcuNav 8F catheter requires CE Mark review and is not yet commercially available in countries that require CE Mark.

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