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Dr. Michael Graham Publishes Article to Promote the Benefits of Talotarsal Stabilization in Pediatric Patients

The article, to aid in awareness of the many benefits of talotarsal stabilization in pediatric patients, discusses the treatment regimens of pediatric flatfoot and the advantages of early treatment intervention using HyProCure®, a centrally placed stent that is medially anchored into the canalis tarsi to stabilize the ankle at the axis point.

“Extra-Osseous talotarsal stabilization with HyProCure® represents a real solution for flexible talotarsal dislocation and its devastating effects throughout the body”, said Dr. Graham, CEO and Founder of GraMedica. “We are so pleased to be able to bring awareness to this often ignored issue in hopes that we can help change the quality of life for millions of young patients that suffer from talotarsal displacement”.

Non-surgical treatments have been the treatments of choice historically, but there is no evidence proving a child’s foot will self-correct in time, with or without these treatments. Symptoms can be managed with orthotics, however, the actual deformity is not addressed and the user will likely become dependent on the devices. Evidence has shown that the use of an EOTTS device is both safer and more effective, especially in comparison with traditional techniques and their associated complications.

To view the complete study abstract, please visit http://www.podiatric.theclinics.com/article/S0891-8422(13)00072-4/abstract. Find further research on the positive outcomes of EOTTS with HyProCure® in the results section of http://hyprocure.com/the-results.

Foot and ankle surgeons are invited to learn more about the HyProCure® device and procedure at www.GraMedica.com, where they can also train online and/or find a live surgical training seminar in their area.

Find a local HyProCure® specialist through the physician locator at http://HyProCure.com/doctor-locator/.

About GraMedica®
GraMedica®, a global orthopedic medical device company and maker of HyProCure®, strives to educate foot and ankle professionals on the importance of stabilizing the talotarsal mechanism. GraMedica® works cooperatively with the Graham International Implant Institute (GIII), which has the mission of elevating the standard of care in the arena of Extra-Osseous TaloTarsal Stabilization through surgeon education.

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