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Dornier Aries - Live Presentation at MEDICA

Dr. Walaa Khaled is presenting the new Aries live at our booth at MEDICA. Learn about new, non-invasive treatment options and how this can help grow your practice.

Graphic: Flat medical device with a screen and a hand piece at a connector cable

Dornier Aries

Aries is an energy-wave treatment designed to improve erectile dysfunction (ED) by activating angiogenesis in the penile and pelvic tissue – resulting in the increased blood flow necessary to produce an erection. Aries is also used for gentle pain management.
Photo: Man with glasses and dark hair is giving a lecture - Dr. Walaa Khaled

Dr. Walaa Khaled

Given the applicator's Smart Focus™ energy transmitting technology, Aries offers a painless and in-office solution to ED and pain management that can be conducted quickly and in the privacy of a physician's office. This patented technology, not offered by other shock-wave treatments in the market today, is what makes Aries so effective.

Discuss your questions together with our expert Dr. Walaa Khaled.

Date: Monday 16.11. – Thursday 19.11.2015
Time: 11:00 am and 3:00 pm
Location: Dornier MedTech Booth No 9B35, Hall 9

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