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Dometic Medical Systems – Technology for Life

Dometic Medical Systems – Technology for life

In medicine, there are new discoveries daily, enabling the protection and preservation of life. Therefore, the challenges for a safe storage, transport and handling of medicines, blood, vaccines and other biological tissues are continually growing.
Dometic devotes its extensive expertise in the area of applied special refrigeration technology in order to ensure optimal quality and safety that are mandatory for a proper, legally compliant cold chain for vital and temperature-sensitive life preserving preparations. This resulted in the concept “Technology for life”, which forms the basis of the continual advancement of all product ranges of the “Medical Systems” division.
Our expertise in this area goes back to the year 1979, when the product range “Cold Chain” was selected by the international health organization to ensure the effectiveness of the cold chain for vaccines worldwide.
With its brandnew product family “Biotech Systems” comprising a line of high reliable safety cabinets, incubators and ovens Dometic Medical Systems is now able to offer a complete product range all around the requirements for a safe medical technology, a technology for life.

Biomedical Refrigeration - Innovative and reliable refrigeration solutions

Dometic’s Biomedical Refrigeration product range is the solution for safe storage, transport & handling of temperature-sensitive preparations in the appropriate optimum conditions without any risks. The range comprises blood, pharmaceutical and laboratory refrigerators, freezers, ultra-cold freezers (to –86°C) and transport boxes. Sensitive medical items such as vaccines, blood and blood components, temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, tissues and biological samples are stored in the appropriate optimum conditions without any risks.
The products cover the spectrum of the specific and exacting needs of the market: hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, blood banks, research centres and universities.
To ensure the safest storage of temperature-sensitive products and user protection, the appliances reflect specific current technical requirements - the safety standards - established by Dometic.

As precious as gold – Dometic’s Gold Electronic

For its Biomedical Refrigeration models with Gold Safety Standard Dometic has enhanced its Gold electronic. As one of the innovative characteristics, the electronic features a password protected settings menu. Thus to assure an optimum protection for your stored preparations. Beside this the control panel has been designed to offer a simple and intuitive utilization, ensured by the user-friendly operation panel.

New compressor driven boxes for the transport of blood

To complete its range of five passive transport boxes and one thermoelectrical driven box, Dometic offers now five new compressor driven boxes. These models present state-of-the-art cooling technology with a Danfoss compressor plus perfectly matched special electronics by Dometic. Comfort and convenience are guaranteed by the ergonomically shaped recessed grips, sturdy carrying handles and a well-organised interior.

Biotech Systems – Secure Life Sciences Solutions

In the laboratory environment, safety is everything. Dometic’s Biotech Systems product range of safety cabinets, incubators and ovens gives you the opportunity to enjoy total confidence in its performance, reliability and design in the fields of biotechnology, clinical biochemistry, microbiology…. Critical and highly sensitive research material in research centres places a higher demand in the processing of these substances in terms of product and operator protection; both of these points have been given the highest priority during the development of our products.

With its Biological Safety Cabinets, Dometic offers a unique airflow management system and proven containment technology combined with user-friendly ergonomic design. Dometic Biological Safety Cabinets are designed for sterile product preparations and biological experimentation involving agents of low and moderate risk.
The Safety Cabinets are classified Class II, Type A2 cabinets.

Dometic’s new BIOTECH SYSTEMS Incubators/ Ovens are divided in different groups: Biotech Incubators (BTI), Biotech Incubators Refrigerated (BTIR), Biotech Incubators Static (BTIS) and Biotech Ovens (BTO).

Research centres, clinical biochemistry, microbiology and the industry represent the areas where up to + 100°C thermal control is essential. The new generation of DOMETIC BIOTECH Incubators BTI have been designed especially for these needs.
The DOMETIC BIOTECH Incubators Refrigerated BTIR can be used in a lot of applications: food processing industry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic industry, research
and development, environmental techniques, paper and textile industry and many more.
For the first time, the DOMETIC BIOTECH Incubators Static BTIS combine natural convection and uniformity required by control laboratories. You can carry out your tests without any risk for your most dryness sensitive samples.
The DOMETIC BIOTECH Ovens BTO have been designed for all thermal treatment for ambient temperature +10°C to 250°C.

Blood Safety – Global Safe Blood Management

Blood Safety comprises different activities from collection to transfusion. With the
Dometic Blood Cold Chain, a comprehensive mix of our medical systems products which strictly observes international standards and WHO recommended specifications, you keep the blood safe through precisely temperature controlled transport and storage solutions.
The newly developed Blood Traceability system, Dometic powered by Biolog with RFID chips integrated to the blood bags, provides a complete traceability and identification of RBCC’s and avoids retranscription errors. It is a computerised management system of the transfusion chain and its main advantages are:
• Rationalised distribution of blood bags
• Global management of national stock
• Guarantee against transfusion errors

Blood Chain
The transport boxes are specially designed to meet the requirements of field conditions for military tasks as well as for civil aid organizations for the transport of temperature-sensitive supplies such as blood and blood products, vaccines, plasma, blood samples and pharmaceutical products.

Cold Chain

Cold Chain is a range of refrigerators, freezers and transport containers for storing and transporting vaccines even in the most remote areas of the world and under difficult technical and climatic conditions. They guarantee a stable quality of the vaccines from the manufacturer to the person being vaccinated.

A division of the Dometic group

Dometic Medical Systems is one of the four business areas of Dometic S.à r.l., a company in the Dometic group. Dometic S.à r.l. is based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, right at the heart of Europe. The company is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certified.