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Distribution network in Europe

Tonom GmbH is European Authorized Representative of world only tonometer of IOP through the eyelid without contact to the cornea. We are authorized to develop a distribution network in Europe.

The technical know-how applied in Diaton tonometer makes this device unique in the world.

This innovative approach to IOP measurement opens wide possibilities and unquestionable advantages for doctors, optometrists and patients:

quickness and efficiency for professionals
comfort and safety for the patients

It has no disadvantages compared to corneal tonometers and makes IOP measurement possible in most complicated medical cases:

in patients with cornea pathology and allergy to anesthetics,
after laser refractive surgeries,
after keratoplasty

IOP measurement with pen-like tonometer Diaton can be performed with the patient being in sitting or reclining position. It is the ideal device for IOP screening. You can use the device in the office or outside of it!

No contact with the cornea
No risk of infecting
No need to take out contact lenses
No need to adjust with pachymetry
No anesthesia drops
No consumables
No sterilization

Diaton Tonometer is intended for use by:

Inpatient & Outpatient Clinics such as Hospitals, Emergency Rooms, Nursing & Elderly Homes, General & Specialty Practitioners, Optical shops as well as private Ophthalmologists and Optometrists practices.

Ophthalmologists, ophthalmic surgeons, doctors of general practice and emergency medicine, optometrists, general healthcare and eyecare
On you request we will be pleased to provide you with scientific reports for clinical importance of the Diaton Tonometer in Medical Practice.

We believe that Diaton can well compliment your market penetration and improve total customer satisfaction.

Should you be interested in this cooperation or have any questions in this regard, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you very much, and we hope to receive your favorably response soon.

Best regards

Tonom GmbH