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DeRoyal Industries, Inc.

Distributing HotDog® Patient Warming in Latin America

HotDog Patient Warming System by ATM

DeRoyal Industries, Inc. announced today that it has entered into a long-term partnership with Augustine Temperature Management to distribute HotDog® Patient Warming throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Surgical patients must be warmed,” says David Watermeier, Senior Director of International Marketing for DeRoyal, “and HotDog is the safest, most effective and most economical way to provide that warming. DeRoyal believes that old technologies such as blowing warm air on patients will soon be replaced with HotDog.”

“This is a wonderful endorsement of HotDog,” says Brent Augustine, President of Augustine Temperature Management. “DeRoyal is a world-renowned medical device company known for high-quality products and service. DeRoyal has an outstanding reputation and track record of identifying and meeting its customers’ needs, which makes it a perfect partner for HotDog.”

HotDog Patient Warming uses a conductive polymer fabric to deliver safe and effective warming without blowing hot air. Peer-reviewed research has shown that forced-air warming systems fail to provide normothermia up to 30% of the time. Forced-air warming has also been linked to higher infection rates in orthopedic implant surgery. Waste heat from such systems mobilizes floor-level bacteria and other particles, transporting them into the sterile surgical field.

Surgical patient warming is important for preventing and treating unintended hypothermia, which affects nearly all anesthetized patients. Hypothermia in surgery is associated with many complications including higher rates of surgical site infections, higher blood loss, higher morbidity, and longer ICU times and hospital stays. Patient warming is the standard of care in the United States—even required by Medicare—and is becoming more common in Latin America.

“DeRoyal has marketed an outstanding line of patient temperature monitoring probes for over twenty years, with significant market share gains recently. This addition is a perfect complement to the product line,” Watermeier states. “We are excited to partner with Augustine Temperature Management to improve the quality of surgical care to patients in Latin America with HotDog Patient Warming.”