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FranceMed Pharma Ltd.

Disruptive Patented Micro-fine Sprays that Treat Topical Symptoms in Seconds, Setting a new Gold Standard for treating Skin Conditions

FranceMed Pharma with its solid base in the British Market since 1981 and NHS reimbursable listings, owns Market Leading Ethical/OTC brands with unique attributes and is active in Class IIa Therapeutic Medical Devices: Discovery /R&D /Synthesis /Screening /Pre-Clinical /Clinical Phase I, II & III Studies / Marketing /Sales and Global Out-licensing. Its patented micro-fine sprays are classified as Discovery/Greenfield with No Competition, No Me-Toos and No Generics. The various sprays are clinically proven to treat prevalent conditions in Dermatology, Paediatrics, Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, First Aid and Veterinary. The unique disruptive micro-fine sprays treat within seconds mild to severe itch, pain, swelling, burning, stinging and repetitive use results in treating the underlying condition.

The unique, patented, Discovery/On The Market OTC micro-fine sprays employ the proprietary disruptive ‘Instant T-CNS Signalling System”™ delivery technology to instantly treat mild to severe conditions related to the above therapeutic areas, with no known side effects. Such conditions normally require high strength steroids, antihistamines or complex lengthy procedures which the new patented delivery technology ‘Instant T-CNS Signalling System”™ effectively replaces, setting a new Gold Standard for treating skin conditions.

FranceMed Pharma unique “Instant T-CNS Signalling System”™ new delivery technology allows a number of stimuli: Thermal (Cooling), Mechanical (triggers Melzack Gate Theory) and Chemical (Synthesis) to be applied topically and simultaneously on the affected areas achieving instant results and greater efficacy than when applying each stimulus in turn. Such stimuli, acting collectively, are a powerful therapeutic tool, as millions of signals are communicated to the CNS via neurotransmitters which instantly trigger the effective treatment of the symptoms and underlying conditions, through repetitive use.
For example, the Dermatological micro-fine sprays for adults and children are clinically proven to safely replace the need for steroids, antihistamines, emollients, pain killers and calamine lotion collectively, resulting in safer, faster, more effective, convenient and more economical treatment for the patient.

The micro-fine topical sprays ease of use, without touching the affected area and ability to treat large areas of the skin in one swoop resulted in excellent patient compliance. There are no known side effects, whether in the pre-market clinical studies phase or in the post-market phase, when millions of packs were used by patients.

The branded finished products, will be on display in Hall16 F20-2 and are available for Out-Licensing /Distribution. FranceMed Pharma, the manufacturer and owner of the relevant patents and manufacturing know-how, plans to grant distribution rights to suitable distributors in several countries.

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