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Diomax® 1550 – the innovative system for PLDD

With the modern laser system diomax® 1550 and its accessories for Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression (PLDD), KLS Martin offers a minimally invasive method of spinal disc treatment.

Thanks to the high water content of the nucleus pulposus, the wavelength of the diomax® 1550 is absorbed very well and rapidly induces optimum vaporization here even at low power. The thin and flexible bare fiber combines the smallest possible spot size with the greatest accuracy. With the aid of the long fine-needle it can be introduced quickly into the affected spinal disc and easily secured in place with the Y-adapter. The advantages of PLDD over open surgery methods include the local anesthesia, shorter duration of surgery, very low rates of complication and inflammation and the fast mobilization and pain reduction in the patient – the length of time spent in hospital and the recovery time are significantly shortened.

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