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Dignified dying has approached a great step forward

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KASSEL/MELSUNGEN. According to palliative experts of the Kasseler Symposium, the aim of allowing terminally ill patients to die in dignity has approached a great step in the past years.

Since the event was established in 1994, palliative medicine has been on the right track. However, “we must carry palliative treatment into all clinic areas”, as Professor (em.) Dr. Dr. Dietrich Kettler, vice president of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Palliativmedizin (German Society for Palliative Medicine), reports.

Initiated by German Healthcare Export Group-member B.Braun, the Kasseler Symposium dealt with “Sometimes healing, often alleviating, always assisting” in its 49th year. From 23rd to 24th July, approximately 400 participants and experts from renowned palliative centres in Germany and Austria met to exchange their knowledge.

So they discussed various structures such as palliative medicine in hospitals, in intensive medicine, physicians’ surgeries, in children’s hospices or different disease patterns, but always with respect to the special topic of self-determination at the end of somebody’s life. Key words were statutory frameworks of palliative physicians and how they cope with necessary therapy decisions – with or without patients’ living will. Kettler moreover postulated assured funding for ambulant care of patients since it " was wrong to accommodate the whole nation into hospices to die”, the physician says.

B.Braun’s new capacious expert website Palliative Care informs topically about the complete subject area. For instance, questions about occurring symptoms at the last phase of life of an incurable disease and how pain can be appeased are answered. The single symptoms are also explained as well as the individual approaches of treatment.