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Digital Skin Analysis for Early Detection

Total Body Mapping with SLR camera

Skin analysis with Body Mapping

The earlier skin cancer is detected, the sooner treatment begins. The latest method for early detection comprises a regular monitoring of the entire skin and each individual mole.
The entire skin surface is documented in a standardized way with FotoFinder bodystudio. New SLR technology delivers photos with 18 megapixels. The entire imaging process is controlled by the software and guides the user. In this way, four pictures are taken from each side of the body and stored immediately. The result is a ”digital skin map“ where the doctor easily identifies suspicious moles. In addition, these moles are photographed dermoscopically with a magnification of 20X to 70X.

At regular check-ups there is no need for research in paper files, because the entire skin status is saved in the software. Follow up images of the full body photographs as well as those of each mole show changes at a glance. The expert software Bodyscan pro compares initial and follow up images and shows new or altered moles whereas the Moleanalyzer analyzes the microscopic structure of single lesions and gives a score for malignancy.

The combination of Total Body Photography and digital dermoscopy helps dermatologists, not only if they examine patients with multiple moles. It gives patients security that nothing is overseen and helps to identify skin cancer at an early stage. “Nowadays physicians have less and less time for their patients, on the other hand the skin is a large organ which demands a fine examination. This contradiction is solved with the time-saving, but accurate Body Mapping in combination with dermoscopy“, explains Andreas Mayer, CEO of FotoFinder Systems.

About FotoFinder Systems
FotoFinder, a German family business, enriches the worldwide market for medical imaging systems with new developments since 1991. The company focus is the development of devices for skin cancer diagnosis, aesthetic medicine, and clinical trials. Thanks to subsidiaries in the USA, Italy and a global network of distributors, FotoFinder has a worldwide presence. The company employs about 40 people. The production is located in Germany.