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Italray S.r.l.

Digital Radiography rooms with cassette-size wireless detector

Sharing Innovation in Digital Radiography

Italray has recently completed the introduction of cassette-size wireless digital detector (Pixium EZ) inside its X-Frame DR systems.
These innovative digital flat panels (3543 EZ and 2430 EZ) highly improve X-Frame DR flexibility:

  • Multishare

  • Image storage

  • Autotriggering


Optimize your installation with:
One detector for several x-ray equipments - Several detectors for rad room - Automatic connection with X-Frame DR by infrared module.

Image Storage:

An internal memory is available on Pixium EZ detectors:
Maximize efficiency shortening times for patient exams - Provide secure data storage if wireless communication goes down.

Auto triggering:

Expand applications in Digital Radiography with the main feature of Auto-detection of x-ray emissions (autotriggering)
and no hardware connection to x-ray generator. Working with a dedicated tablet pc Italray X-Frame DR systems perform x-ray examinations also outside a fixed radiography system.