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DictaTeam provides Analysis Solution for Documentation Processes

On January 13th 2012 in Bad Liebenstein / Thuringia, Germany, DictaTeam, the dictation and documentation experts from Westerkappeln introduces Log4Doc, the mobile analysis software for documentation processes.

Beate Seidel, managing director of DictaTeam: „Within the framework of the DictaTeam typing service outsourcing projects more than once we have been asked, if we could provide anonymized comparative figures from similar hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, enterprises, public corporations or authorities on the subject of documentation flow. Due to these inquiries we developed Log4Doc. By means of the Log4Doc-App , fast and time-saving data acquisition of process steps is possible.

Using Log4Doc, fast and also time-saving time recording of single process steps is individually definable. By means of Smartphone-, Pad- and Tablet-PC-based apps data acquisition is child´s play.

The database-driven analysis is performed in the background on an internal or external server. By means of a browser based web interface the condensed analysis results are accessible for the authorized user fast and up to the second. This way, during the production of documentations, delays, bottle-necks and performance losses are visible quickly and those responsible can design process steps based on empirically detected data.

DictaTeam offersLog4Doc-users to anonymize data collected in this way and to correlate it with the data of other comparable users. This way bottle-necks and gaps in the process steps are visible quickly.

The results will be presented within the framework of experience exchange group meetings and the respective measures taken by the users will be discussed. This way a win-win situation is created for everyone. Everybody benefits from the experiences of the colleagues at other companies.