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DictaTeam - Die Diktatexperten

DictaTeam integrates Smartphones into HIS

With the new dictation software dictate on demand mobile DictaTeam UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) does not only bring a multilanguaged full substitution for voice recorders on the market, dictate on demand mobile can also be fully integrated into hospital- and radiological information systems as well as Pacs and patient management systems. At Medica 2010 (hall15 / F27) the dictation experts from Westerkappeln, Germany, together with their partners Vodafone D2GmbH and GN Netcom/Jabra for the first time present their dictation solution for hospitals and medical - care centres and doctor´s practises integrated into a well known hospital information system) and patient management system.

Where mobile dictation solution integration into existing systems is difficult or even impossible, Smartphones can be used besides of the general data transfer also for sending dictations from anywhere and at any time. dictate on demand mobile unites the advantages of mobile dictation machines with those of stationary PC-bound dictation solutions. This way mobile dictation is even possible from the electronic medical record. With additional options, for example a barcode scanner, dictations can be connected to medical records immediately.

In combination with the GO- and PRO headsets from Jabra dictations can even be recorded in CD-quality – and that even in a noisy surrounding.

The data protection conform sending of dictations is supported by dictate on demand mobile. The sending via UMTS to internal and external addressees over the Vodafone D2 GmbH Net is guaranteed. dictate on demand mobile also supports in-house WLAN.

With dictate on demand mobile there is now a real cost-efficient alternative to the conventional dictation systems available on the market. The DictaTeam software, which is already available in the Apple-Store, can also be used with other operating systems from HTC, BlackBerry, HTC and Sony Ericsson.