DictaTeam - Die Diktatexperten

DictaTeam: Reducing costs for digital dictation systems

With its digital dictation solution dictate on demand mobile DictaTeam UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) from Westerkappeln, Germany, reduced the acquisition- and start-up costs for digital dictation systems in hospitals, medical care centres and doctor´s practises by up to 50%.

MEDICA 2010 once again showed, that the trend toward mobile solutions continues. With the professional dictation solution dictate on demand mobile Smartphones become a fully-fledged substitute for digital voice recorders.

At MEDICA 2010 the app was the outstanding solution providing all functionalities of a professional dictation machine on the Smartphone operating systems iOS (iPhone), Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. With dictate on demand mobile Smartphones are able to send dictations to a typist or an external typing service by UMTS or a local WLAN from any location at any time, what classical, mobile voice recorders can´t do.

The dictation solution introduced on MEDICA 2010 includes options such as a barcode scanner and the online connection to existing HIS-, RIS-, Pacs- and patient administration systems. Like this, dictations are connected with the patient´s electronic medical record, which streamlines the existing workflow considerably. Furthermore, with dictate on demand mobile sending conform with data protection is possible

Dictate on demand mobile is also executable on Pads and Tablett-PC and in connection with headsets, for example from Jabra, it can guarantee a high voice recording quality – up to CD-quality.

Currently dictate on demand mobile is available in various languages as for example German, English, French, Spanish, Persian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. On request, other languages can be available within a few hours.