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Orgentec Diagnostika GmbH

Diagnostics of autoimmune-related Liver Diseases

Mainz, 28/07/2008 – ORGENTEC Diagnostika has developed an innovative Immunoblot test system for serodiagnostics of autoimmune-related liver diseases. Using Liver-7-Line, it is possible for the first time to differentiate anti-smooth muscle antibodies, ASMAs, by the easy-to-use and reasonably priced immunoblotting technology.

Notably patients suffering from autoimmune hepatitis will benefit from the newly-developed test system because prognosis of this disease is reliant upon the early diagnosis in sufficient time. In addition to autoantibodies against ASMAs F-actin, myosin, and desmin, the Liver-7-Line immunoblot detects anti-mitochondrial antibodies against M2 antigen (AMA-M2), anti-soluble liver/liver pancreas antibodies (anti-SLA/LP), anti-liver kidney microsomal 1 (anti-LKM-1), and anti-liver cytosol 1 antibodies (anti-LC1). The comprehensive antigen spectrum of this new type of immunoblot is singular in the market of autoimmune diagnostics and will foster fast and reliable diagnostics of primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC), autoimmune hepatitis type 1 (AIH-1) and type 2 (AIH-2) as well as delimitation of these autoimmune disorders from other liver diseases.

The immunoblot technology is particularly valuable in the initial and differential diagnosis in case of unclear symptoms, and in the differentiation of the autoantibody profile after ELISA screening or immunofluorescence tests. In the serological diagnosis of autoimmune disorders of the liver and related diseases, Liver-7-Line gives certainty to detect all relevant autoantibodies.

The antigen spectrum at a glance: M2, SLA/LP, LKM-1, LC1, desmin, myosin, F-actin. Liver-7-Line is available in packaging sizes of 8 and 16 strips; all reagents are ready to use. Each strip is equipped with a serum control, a conjugate control and a cut-off control, and shows an individual coding that prevents mix-up. www.orgentec.com