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Diagnostic Frozen Coagulation Control Plasmas Receive Approval

Control Plasmas - Affinity Biologicals

September 16, 2011
Calibrator and Control plasmas are essential components of clinical, research and industrial laboratories where coagulation assays are preformed. Affinity Biologicals has added to their existing in vitro diagnostic (IVD) line of VisuLize™ - FVIII Antigen ELISA kit and VisuLize™ - FIX Antigen ELISA kit to include a calibrator and control plasmas.

This VisCon™-F Normal and Abnormal Control Plasmas and VisuCal™-F Calibrator Plasma can be used for the calibration and quality control of coagulation and fibrinolysis assays and are compatible for use with all instrument and reagent combinations. They have been prepared from pools of citrated normal plasma from a minimum of 20 donors to ensure variability within and between lots is reduced.

Affinity Biologicals, Inc. is a primary manufacturer of products used worldwide in thrombosis and haemostasis research and medical diagnostics. Products include an extensive line of antibodies, conjugates, antibody pairs for immunoassay of human and animal analytes, the VisuLize™ line of complete ELISA kits, and a full line of human plasma products including affinity-depleted factor-deficient plasmas (Factors II through XIII, PC, PS, ATIII), calibrators and controls. Services include protein purification, antibody production, assay development, custom manufacturing and custom lyophilization.

Affinity is registered to ISO 13485(2003) and is USFDA QSR compliant. Affinity is also a registered medical device manufacturer with the US FDA, the Canadian Therapeutic Products Directorate (TPD) and the European Regulatory authorities (CE Mark).

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