Karl Küfner KG, Siebe und Webeblätter

Design & Engineering of Customised Screens, Strainers and Filters

Prototype of a filter designed by Küfner
For the customers of Karl Küfner KG, the rapid provision of customized testing and installation parts for their applications is invaluable because it means that the suitability of a product design can be tested at an early project stage and then modified with comparably little effort.

Markus Küfner, CEO of Karl Küfner KG, explains: "With the help of our models and prototypes, our customers can, for example, carry out flow, pressure or installation testing. Very reliable conclusions can then be drawn from these results with regard to necessary product materials and properties. These results shorten product development times for our customers and, on top of that, they minimize the impact on their development budgets."