DeRoyal Industries, Inc.

Deroyal awarded patent on innovative business solution

DeRoyal's latest patent is a novel solution to increase business efficiency for Durable Medical Equipment firms.

According to company President & COO Bill Pittman: "Our Continuum® system automatically reorders durable medical equipment when the product is removed from its storage bin and correctly associates the product with the fitter, the patient and the billing codes while automatically replenishing inventory."

Today, inventory management, billing for services rendered and the medical items dispensed to patients can present challenges for Durable Medical Equipment firms. According to Pittman: "Our system is extraordinarily passive and easy to use for clinicians which is crucial as hospitals continue to outsource their durable medical equipment needs to 3rd parties."

The Patent is U.S. Patent Number 8,818,824, which issued on August 26th, 2014, is entitled "Automated System for Medical Item Dispensing, Billing, and Inventory Management." Other patent applications are pending.