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Delivering Enhanced Computational Capabilities for the Interrogation of HIV-1

Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics today announced that the TRUGENE® HIV-1 Genotyping Kit and OpenGene DNA Sequencing System are now supported by the Apple iMac OSX operating system. The TRUGENE iMac OSX-based system provides an integrated computational system that delivers enhanced data management, simplified system configuration and networking support as well as increased flexibility and throughput for laboratories that provide genotype and gene sequence information. The system is available in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Canada, South America and Latin America as a CE marked product.

“The TRUGENE iMac OSX-based system enables laboratories to increase throughput and flexibility during the interrogation and monitoring of HIV-1,” said David Okrongly, senior vice president and head of Molecular Diagnostics, Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics. “Siemens is committed to delivering proven and clinically validated sequencing solutions for our molecular diagnostics customers that enables physicians to personalize patient therapy.”

The product is an integrated solution consisting of hardware, software and chemistry for the identification of clinically relevant resistance mutations in HIV which is now enhanced by the iMac OSX-based system. Users will experience improved efficiency with the new OpenGene 4.0 software as well as better data management and simplified networking capabilities.

With the TRUGENE iMac OSX-based system, laboratorians will achieve enhanced flexibility, increased data storage options, ability to customize reporting formats, expanded print options and faster sequencing capabilities. One OSX-based system enables laboratories to run up to eight long-read towers (automated DNA sequencers).

The new OpenGene 4.0 software provides users with ease-of-use including integrated help functions, intuitive menu-driven operations and a user-friendly interface which facilitates a rapid transition with minimal re-training. Software capabilities include: fully automated data analysis via bi-directional sequence confirmation, detection of primary and secondary mutations, insertions/deletions and comparison of sequences to a database with known mutations. Users can also integrate archived information from the current OpenStep systems.

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