Deals sealed at MEDICA should result in contracts worth US$ 19.2 million for Brazilian companies -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine


ABIMO - Brazilian Medical Devices Manufacturers Association

Deals sealed at MEDICA should result in contracts worth US$ 19.2 million for Brazilian companies

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Brazil celebrated its tenth participation at the Düsseldorf trade show with the international launch of its new industry brand

The 51 Brazilian exhibitors who participated at MEDICA, the world's largest medical and hospital trade show held over November 16th to 19th, in Düsseldorf, Germany, are expecting business deals in the value of US$ 19.2 million over the coming months. During the event, the Brazilians made more than 3,500 contacts with businessmen from all over the world, conquering new markets and consolidating their international presence.

“Our participation was extremely positive”, said Paulo Fraccaro, the vice-president of ABIMO (the Brazilian Medical Devices Manufacturers Association). According to the organisation's representative, yet another step has been successfully taken on the way to reaching the ambitious goals set by the Brazilian medical equipment industry: to achieve US$ 1 billion in international business by 2015, and to be among the top five manufacturers of high/medium technological density medical equipment within the next 10 years.

"The most important thing is to consolidate Brazil's companies as great exporters by having ever more participants at the fair and by showing the quality of the products we offer as well as the diversity of our technologies. This is why we feel MEDICA is a continuous project that has to be improved every year", said Fraccaro.

New industry brand

As part of the strategy to expand the sector, ABIMO, in partnership with Apex-Brasil (the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), orchestrated the international launch of the new industry brand at MEDICA: Brazilian Health Devices.
The blue and white logo, which resembles the symbol of commitment to life, the double-alpha helix DNA strand, was featured prominently at the Brazil pavilion. The new institutional image gave the country's participation a new, bold appearance, causing a positive impact and getting the attention of the fair's visitors.

Apex-Brasil project manager Hélio Lobo said, “The new brand was a collective effort, the result of interaction with the companies. The important thing when creating this brand is the interface between Brazilian companies with their international clients.”

This year, ABIMO celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Brazilian health equipment industry's presence in foreign markets and the country's participation at MEDICA. The celebration saw 250 guests, among them national and international authorities, as well as the Brazilian industry's main international clients.

Paulo Fraccaro said, in his speech: “With Apex-Brasil lending their support to the conception and promotion, the creation of the Brazilian Health Devices brand ushers in a new phase for our industry, which is fighting to increase its competitive edge and international visibility. We intend to show the world the quality and reliability of Brazilian technology in our medical, dental, hospital and laboratory products.” Over the span of a single decade, the number of countries buying health equipment made in Brazil has jumped from 40 to 180, with a corresponding growth of 232% in export sales.

Brazil's companies had reason to celebrate:

K Takaoka

K Takaoka, which specialises in anaesthetic and intensive therapeutic machinery, closed deals worth almost US$ 80,000 and expects to seal contracts amounting to approximately US$ 500,000 based on its meetings at MEDICA. Foreign trade analyst Luis Carlos Martins emphasised: “We are forecasting export sales growth of 15% to 20%”. The fair saw the international launch of new models by the company, among them the Sat 500 anaesthesia machine and the Carmel intensive therapy ventilator.


Fanem, a Brazilian leader in the manufacturing of neonatal products, holds 85% of the national market in incubators and exports to more than 90 countries. MEDICA was the background to the international launch of its Koala neonatal cot line and the Bilitron Sky heliotherapeutic device for babies. "We were pleasantly surprised. The volume of our contracts and business forecasts resulting from our participation at the fair has surpassed all our expectations", said Fanem's industrial director Djalma Luiz Rodrigues, who also mentioned a deal closed with a client from Morocco worth US$ 270,000 for the sale of 50 machines, including incubators, heated cots and heliotherapy devices for babies. The company also advanced in important negotiations with buyers from countries such as Iraq, South Africa, Algeria, Iran, Tunisia, India, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, as well as maintained contact with representatives from 60 countries. Rodrigues confirmed, "We hope to increase our revenues abroad by at least 15% in 2012".


A manufacturer of medical and dental equipment with over 30 years of experience in chairs for clinical exams, Olsen hopes to close deals worth between US$ 150,000 to US$ 180,000 based on the contacts it made at MEDICA. The company's exports manager Luciano Rodrigues believes that participating at the fair in Düsseldorf will open up new markets, especially in North Africa. "We had a lot of visits by executives from that region", he said before adding that the company also made contact with representatives from approximately 45 countries and expects to see a short term growth of between 5% and 10% in the group's export revenues.


Bioeletron, a small company specialising in electro-medical equipment, participated at MEDICA for the first time, to great success, having already made inroads on important deals. Founded less than two years ago, it managed to get its first five international clients at the fair. Elton Rodrigues Ruas, the company's CFO, said: "We expect approximately 200,000 euros worth of business over the next twelve months from the contacts we have made here in Düsseldorf". According to him, this amount represents an increase of between 10% and 15% in the company's forecasted revenues for the coming year.

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