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DeRoyal Industries, Inc.

DeRoyal Awarded Patent for New Post-Surgical Collar

Capital Enhanced Cervical Collar

According to DeRoyal experts, a turn of the Boa® Dial allows micro-adjustable collar height modification providing a customized fit for most patients. Additionally, the Universal XTW Collar helps restrict flexion, extension, lateral bending and axial rotation- providing the support and stability needed to promote cervical spine healing and recovery.

“We believe that this innovative design will provide the stabilization that our customers have been requesting. Our partnership with Boa® Technology will continue to grow as we implement their unique technology to address unresolved problems for our customers,” said Bill Pittman, DeRoyal’s President and Chief Operating Officer.

Each product and service we offer exists in response to real needs, based on advice and input from clinicians. We keep innovating because it’s part of our heritage. What we develop and manufacture today can shape the future of medicine.